Caliber Controls brings structure and organization to every project they are awarded.  All of our managers are certified in the OSHA 30 training class as well as other relevant certifications.  All lower-level employees are OSHA 10 certified.  Managers have also received professional training from the HR department.  Below is a brief description of the titles and job descriptions of our field employees.

Senior Project Manager – This person provides oversight on multiple Caliber projects due to his many years of field experience.  He takes orders directly from the Vice President and Head of Operations and makes sure that all jobs are running smoothly.  This person decides the manpower needed for each project.

Project Manager –  This person is able to assemble a crew and manage large projects from start to finish. This person is skilled in reading control drawings and is knowledgeable in working on multiple controls systems.

Project Foreman  This person handles small projects. He manages subordinate Caliber employees.  He is typically skilled in multiple systems and is able to read drawings and schematics.

Crew Leader  This person takes direction from either a Project Manager / Project Foreman and handles a section or floor of a building on large multi-plex projects.

Installer I / Installer II  These positions are the field employees who are skilled in the tasks associated with performing the installations.

Apprentice I / Apprentice II  These positions are granted to employees who are either entering the trade or have some experience in the trade or a related field.

For those interested in joining our team, please fill out the form below and we will email you back an application. Caliber Controls, Inc. is an EEOC employer that is committed to following all applicable employment laws mandated by the FLSA and the Department of Labor.  We invite you to join our team!

For more information about open positions, please contact us at:

Phone: 281.238.4900
Fax: 281.238.4902