About Us

Caliber Controls, Inc. values the opportunity to serve its customers in the building automation and laboratory controls industry.  We strive for excellence and customer satisfaction while performing superior project installations.

Our Vision

We understand that philanthropy is essential to our well-being because it induces happiness.  Therefore, our vision for Caliber Controls, Inc. is committed to demonstrating corporate responsibility and adhering to the TBL (The Bottom Line), People, Planet, Profit.  We aspire to conduct our daily business with the consideration of the following guidelines:

  • To treat people with fair business practices and adherence to labor laws
  • To reduce our ecological footprint on our planet, by using sustainable environmental practices and managing our energy consumption
  • To share our profits with the community in honoring our charitable donations and volunteer commitments.

Our Philosophy

Our success is defined by the ethical principles we utilize every day in our business and not by any measure of wealth.  We aspire to treat our employees and customers with the dignity and respect they deserve.  We believe that true success can only be achieved through a collective effort.